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The Cyber Security Consultant's Guide to a home network security

Posted by Stacy Willis on Dec 22, 2015 2:08:33 PM

**Update 09/14/2016**

A New Jersey man has been procecuted for using his neighbor’s unprotected Wi-Fi network to access an extreemly large amount of child porn. Details of the case can be found here.

Our advise if for all people to take note of the following tips and share them with friends and family.  For non technical folks please add your questions / comments below!.


Do you have an internet connection, a router set up or a wireless network? Then you officially have what we like to call a home office! And we want to help you keep it secure. As security consultants, we run across clients with both enterprise and consumer grade equipment (and both are equally important to keep secured). Don't make the mistake of thinking your humble little home network isn't a target - put these tips into place (we promise they are easy even if you're not a techie!) and keep it safe from attackers.

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Topics: Cloud Security, wifi