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Infographic: How to prevent Social Engineering attacks

Posted by Stacy Willis on Jan 27, 2016 12:18:25 PM

Social engineering attacks are constantly on the rise and becoming increasingly sophisticated (What is social engineering? Check out our blog post on the basics.). These attacks prey on our innate human desire to help others. It really sucks that so many attackers are ready to take a positive quality and use it for malicious purposes, but it happens all the time. So we want to help prepare you!

See our infographic below to learn how to prevent social engineering attacks from both an individual and business perspective. We've included some real world social engineering examples to give you an idea of the way attackers may try to trick you and we've covered major social engineering techniques (phone attacks and phishing emails) that you are likely to encounter!


Protect yourself, and those you love! Share this information with anyone and everyone you'd like to help keep safe! Everyone can become a victim, so everyone should be educated!

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Topics: Phishing, Social Engineering