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What is Phishing?

Posted by Vikas Bhatia on Oct 17, 2016 8:46:37 AM

phishingDid you know…In 2015, there were 1,966,324 registered notifications about attempted malware infections that aimed to steal money via online access to bank accounts.  In 2013 there were over 3 there were at least 72,758 phishing attacks worldwide!

What is it?

Phishing is an attempt to acquire sensitive information by pretending to be someone or something (like a business) you trust. Attacks are delivered via email and contain links masquerading as links to a legitimate website where the attackers try to get you to give away your PII (Not sure what that is? Check out our infographic!). The emails and the website may even look very convincing with company logos and imagery.

Phishing attacks can give attackers access to your usernames, passwords and even personal banking information. Really, they can get whatever they are asking for… if you let them! Beware of any website or email requesting that you enter your personal information and always think before you click!

Why is it important to me?

In a recent Advisen report 76% of midmarket risk professionals didn't have, or didn't know if their company had a formal plan in place for dealing with a cyber extortion deman (Ransomware).

What can i do about it?

To avoid clicking on malicious links you can hover your mouse pointer over URLs, links or images and see the URL it is re-directing you to (see below). If the link doesn’t look right, don’t click on it!


If you end up at a website requesting personal information that you didn’t seek out yourself – don’t enter it. If you are worried, call the business requesting the information and find out if it is legitimate.

How do i know if my company is at risk?

Click here to take our self assessment  in less than 1 minute!

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